About The Gym

What makes Progressive Fitness different?

Once you come in you will realize this is not your average gym


Progressive Fitness is a safe and welcoming environment to improve your health and fitness. We support you wherever you are on your fitness journey. Incredible transformation takes place when you challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone and combine the hard work of fitness with a supportive community and outstanding coaching.


Our focus is on making our athletes better at what they do outside the gym. We are happiest on the trails and mountains that surround us doing what we love — biking, skiing, running, playing, living. When overall strength and power output is increased, we are better at our chosen pursuits. When the capacity to engage our whole body in an effort is improved, we are more durable and less prone to injury.


Progressive Fitness welcomes every new face with open arms and encouragement. Maybe the pursuit of fitness is what first gets you here; but you stay because of the community. Genuine friendships emerge and Progressive Fitness becomes more than just a place to work out. Making lasting changes in your health and fitness is hard; having community makes all the difference.


From Day 1, our primary mission has been to create a friendly, non-intimidating and supportive environment that gets people strong and keeps them safe and healthy. We intentionally limit our class sizes to emphasize instruction and safety. We are dedicated to delivering a well-programmed and coached fitness experience.

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